About Tollpepper Tollers


Jack age 3


Why did we choose the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever as our breed of choice?


Well, apart from them being a highly intelligent, very versatile and very attractive dog, we just love them.


We first saw a Toller when watching Crufts one year, all we could remember was that they were a red colour and had a very long name. Once we started to research the breed we decided that they were definitely worth a second look.


Our research eventually took us to the Decoymans Kennels where we decided that this was the breed for us and put ourselves down on the list for a puppy at some stage in the future. At that time the waiting list for a puppy was in the region of a year.


We got a phone call in the summer of June 2003, in fact whilst we were in Le Mans watching the Le Mans 24 hour race, to say that puppies had been born and that there would be a girl for us. This was our first Toller, Pepper, and our introduction to owning them.


The rest, as they say, is history. A couple of years later when we were skiing in Austria for New Year (is there a theme developing here?) we found out about a lovely litter of puppies that had just been born and after we came home we went to see them and chose our girl Storm (or did she choose us?). Then along came Jack (born whilst we were on holiday in Port Meirion). Finally we bred a litter of puppies from Storm and kept our gorgeous girl Finn. We now have our boy, Solo who is Finn's son he was born in September 2012. We have waited a long time but in 2017 we got  the beautiful Rush and a Labrador called Jess, they are 4 days different in age which makes life interesting. In November 2019  Billie was born and joined us in June 2020 from Nova Scotia, Canada. We are now awaiting the arrival of Cammie from Nova Scotia in April 2022.


We believe in trying to breed the best possible dogs we can, retaining the work ethic that exists in them and also endeavour to carry out all the health tests that are applicable at the time. We are also Assured Breeders with the Kennel Club.


More information about our Tollers and their achievements are on their own pages so please keep reading.