Tollpepper Tartu AW(S)



Pet Name : Finn

d.o.b. : 5 May 2009


Finn is our first home bred Toller. We mainly concentrated on her show career to begin with but she much prefers agility these days and started competing in 2012. She did some gundog training but agility is our first love so that is where we will concentrate our efforts. She is now retired into a life of leisure and keeping us company when we are out and about competing.

Finn at Pevensey

Finn proving that she can retrieve a dummy - her first time at the seaside 


Finn has been practising her agility skills

2011 Finn

In September 2012 Finn gave birth to her first and only litter, she only had one puppy which we have kept. 

 Finn has been improving at her agility - this is her weaving in February 2013 at a competition
Finn weaves Feb 2013 

A lovely picture of Finn jumping

Finn long jump

Finn's achievements:


Finn has taken and passed her Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizens award


Showing: all her Championship Show results can be found here and any critiques she had are detailed

 (all classes are in Breed specific classes unless otherwise stated)


Breed Open Show - 2nd in Puppy Bitch


Manchester - 1st in AV Rare Breed puppy bitch, VHC in Puppy Bitch

Mid Western Gundog - Reserve Junior Dog or Bitch

Leominster Canine Society - 1st graduate Dog or Bitch BP RBOB, 1st AV Gundog Puppy

WELKS - 3rd Puppy Bitch

Birmingham National - 1st Junior Bitch

Three Counties - 1st Junior Bitch

Windsor - 2nd Junior Bitch

Mid-Western Gundog Society - 2nd Junior Dog or Bitch

National Gundog - Reserve Junior Bitch

United Retriever - 3rd Junior Bitch

Welsh Kennel Club - 3rd Junior Bitch, VHC AV Rare Breed Junior Dog or Bitch

City of Birmingham - 2nd Junior Bitch

South Wales - 1st Junior bitch

Gundog Society of Wales - 3rd Junior Bitch

LKA - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch


Manchester - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch, 3rd Post graduate Bitch AV Rare Breed gundog

URC open show - Res Post graduate dog or bitch

Mid Western Gundog open show - 2nd special yearling dog or bitch

Crufts - Res Good Citizens Bitch

Leominster open show - 1st Graduate Dog or Bitch RBOB

WELKS - Reserve Post Graduate Bitch

Three Counties - Reserve Post Graduate Bitch

Windsor - 3rd Good Citizens Bitch

National Gundog - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

URC - 1st Post Graduate Bitch

WKC - 1st Post Graduate Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch

City of Birmingham - reserve Post Graduate Bitch

Midland Counties - reserve Post Graduate Bitch

LKA - VHC Post Graduate Bitch, 1st Good Citizens Bitch


Crufts - VHC Post Graduate Bitch, VHC Good Citizens Bitch

Chippenham Open Show - 3rd Graduate Dog or Bitch

Bath - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Southern Counties - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch, 3rd Good Citizens Dog or Bitch


Swindon Open Show - reserve post graduate bitch



All her historic results can be found here but in Summary

She won from Grade 3 to Grade 4 at Weardale Show in July 2014, then into Grade 5 at Lune in 2015 and finally Grade 6 by winning classes at Lune in 2017, Adams and Lune in 2018. She also won from UKA beginners to UKA Senior in both Performance and Steeplechase. 2019 will be her last year of competing as she is getting older and has had some issues with her back. Finn also achieved her Silver Agility Warrant.

Her pedigree

 Her health tests:

Hips: RH - 5 LH - 6

Elbows : 0/1= 1

Eyes : Optigen test prcd-PRA - clear ; CEA/CH - clear by parentage : BVA eye test  GPRA -clear

DE - clear ; DM - clear ; JADD - probable clear ; CDDY/IVDD - CDDY/N

DLA Haplotype: 01501 00601 00301      01052 00601 02301

Dilute test : D/D