Tollpepper Soulace RL4 AW(B)


Solo web pic 


Pet Name : Solo

d.o.b. : 26 September 2012


Solo is our 5th Toller, a home bred boy and has been a huge learning curve for us to deal with as he was unfortunately born deaf which is not something you would ever expect in this breed so we can only attribute it to an infection that his mother had in the womb which also explains the other issues we had with his litter, i.e losing the rest of the expected puppies.


As a dog he is stunning, as a character he is very willing to please and tries his very hardest to do so although at times his deafness can cause him to question you, probably because we haven't been clear enough in telling him what we want. He has done some basic obedience work, he is now competing at Rally and Agility. Sadly because of his deafness he cannot be shown, we like to think he would have done very well in the show ring if we had shown him.


Solo's achievements



Solo has taken and passed both his Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen's awards

He was also awarded the best ABC at Golden Valley Dog Training Club's AGM 2015



June 2016 - Golden Valley 2 x G 1-3 jumping clear rounds

July 2016 - Lune Valley 4th place in the Toller special class, 8th in Large G3 agility

                 - The Agility Club 8th in Large G1-3 agility

August 2016 - KCIAF 6th in Large G3 agility, 9th in Large 1-3 jumping and a clear round in Large 1-3 agility

September 2016 - 11th in Large G3 agility

October 2016 - clear round in Large 1-4 jumping 



August 2015 - Forest Oak, Level 1 score 193

October 2015 - Wootton Basset, Level 2 score 201

                         - WEBCC, Level 1 score 181

Qualified RL 1

December 2015 - Leamington, Level 3 score 188

April 2016 - NSDTR Club, Level 2 score 173 

Qualified RL2

May 2016 - Leamington, Level 3 score 187

June 2016 - Lune, Level 3 score 197, Level 4 score 176

Qualified RL3

July 2016 - Rugby, Level 4 score 171