Lightning Storm of Tollpepper AW(G) RL3

 Storm jumping

Pet Name : Storm

d.o.b: 29 Dec 2005


Storm is our second Toller and is also a fantastic ambassador for the breed. She has been headstrong at times, but is willingly have a go at anything asked of her. She has been out beating but due to her enthusiasm for chasing prey didn't go out for a while, now that she has matured and has a more 'steady' nature she occasionally went on a 'walked up' shoot where she just had a ball, doing what she has been bred to do. She has been shown and did reasonably well but eventually she decided that it wasn't fun any more so has been withdrawn from the show scene. 

In May 2009 Storm had six puppies (read about them on our litters page) and in April 2011 she gave birth to five more puppies (again there is more about them on the litters page).

Storm is a registered PAT dog and like Pepper is proving to be a great success with the people she visits.

Storm has been awarded her Bronze agility warrant (May 2012), her Silver warrant (July 2012) and her Gold Warrant (September 2016) and moved to Grade 7 in Kennel Club Agility. Due to her age she has now retired from Agility and is concentrating on her career in Rally where she seems to be enjoying herself and doing reasonably well when we get to competitions.

Storm is now enjoying her retirement in full, she is struggling to hear any more so spends her time lying in the sun and generally having an easy time.

Here is a picture of some of Storm's trophies to date

Storm Trophies 2012

Storm's achievements:


Storm has taken and passed her Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizens awards

Registered PAT Dog



National Gundog - VHC Junior

Welsh Kennel Club - 3rd Junior

Stroud & District Canine Society - Res AV Gundog

Chepstow & District Canine Society - 3rd AVNSC Gundog Special Yearling

Coventry Gundog - 3rd Junior


Manchester - VHC junior bitch, 2nd junior bitch AV Rare Breed (Gundog)

Mid Western Gundog Society - 2nd Junior

Three Counties - 2nd Junior Bitch

Hereford & County Kennel Society - 3rd AVNSC Gundog Special Yearling

United Retriever - VHC Graduate

Welsh Kennel Club - 1st Post Graduate

Leominster - VHC - AVNSC Gundog Post Graduate and Open

Monmouthshire Show Society -3rd AVNSC Gundog

Gundog Society of Wales - Res Post graduate bitch

Oxfordshire County & Thame Show - 2nd Graduate 1st Open Bitch


Mid Western Gundog Society - 1st Post Graduate

Norfolk & Norwich - 3rd Open

Windsor - VHC Open Bitch



Golden Valley - clear round in grade 1 Jumping

Tuffley - clear round in grade 1 agility, and gained a first place in her jumping at this show

Caerphilly - clear round in grade 1 agility

Heart of Wales - first place in grade 1 Agility, this meant we won in to Grade 2 for agility

Prestbury Park - first place in grade 1 jumping

BHC Agility - first place in grade 2 jumping, first place in grade 2 agility and a clear round in combined jumping, the agility win means we now compete at grade 3


Dordale - first place combined 3-4 agility, second place combined 1-3 jumping, third place grade 3 agility, third place combined 3-4 jumping and clear rounds in combined 3-4 jumping, combined 1-3 circular jumping and grade 3-5 agility

BHC Agility open - clear round in combined 1-3 jumping and a second place in 1-3 agility

Dickson agility series (Oct) - 2 x first place in 1-3 agility and 2 x first place in 1-3 jumping well done little girl

BHC Limit - 1st place in 3-4 agility and 1st place in 3-4 jumping (pity I confused her in the steeplechase)


Dickson agility series (Jan) - 1 x first place in 1-3 jumping and a clear round in 1-3 agility

Prestbury Park (Dickson agility series) (Feb) - 2 x first place 1-3 agility; 1 x first place, 1 x second place 1-3 jumping also trophies for most points overall as a gundog and also medium 1-3

Storm trophies dickson

Golden Valley Spring Show - clear rounds in Grade 3 jumping and agility

Gundog Agility Show - clear rounds in jumping, agility and steeplechase

Wye Valley - clear round in Grade 3 agility

TAG Easter Show - 1st in jumping, 2nd in jumping 6 x clear rounds in agility and jumping, all grade 3 or combined classes

WBSDS - clear round in grade 3-5 jumping

Dordale (spring) -  1st place in med agility 1-3, 3rd place med agility 1-3, 2 x 4th place in med jumping 1-3, 4 clear rounds in 1-7 jumping and 1-7 agility. The first place in agility means she has won in to grade 4 and she has now collected enough points for her Bronze agility warrant.

Worcester - 4th place in jumping, clear round in jumping

Golden Valley - 2 clear rounds in med jumping 4-7

Lansdowne - clear round in ABC agility, 3rd in grade 4 agility

Caerphilly - 5th place Grade 4 Jumping, clear round circular jumping

Dordale (summer) - 1st grade 4 agility, 2nd grade 4 jumping, 2nd pro plan agility (so we have qualified for their finals in October), clear rounds in circular jumping, G4 agility, G4 jumping, G4-7 jumping and helter skelter. The agility win means she now goes into Grade 5

Prestbury Park - 3 clear rounds in jumping

Bromsgrove - clear round in jumping, 1st place in grade 4 agility

BHC - clear rounds in jumping and steeplechase


Gundog Agility show - 5th in grade 5 jumping, clear round in steeplechase

Prestbury Park Charity Show - 2nd in 4-6 power and speed, 2nd in 4-6 jumping, 1st in 4-6 steeplechase

Adams agility - clear rounds in 2 agility classes and 3 jumping

Wye Valley - clear round in agility

Wallingford - clear round in agility

Dordale - clear rounds in agility and jumping

Vyne - clear rounds in agility and jumping

Worcester - 2nd Dog Vegas agility, clear round in jumping

FAB Show Gloucester 1 - 1st place in agility, jumping and clear round in steeplechase, clear in IFCS Gamblers

Wye Valley - clear rounds in agility and jumping

Thames - clear round in agility

Golden Valley - 1st place in jumping, 7th in jumping and 1st in pairs

Lune - agility - 2 x 1st, 4 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd, 1 x clear ;jumping - 1 x 1st, 2 x clear : one of these qualified her for the finals of the Pro-Plan Novice Cup

Rugby - 1 x 3rd G5 jumping, 1 x 17th KC agility, 1 x clear 5-7 jumping

Her pedigree 

Her health tests:

Hips: RH - 3  LH - 4

Eyes - Optigen test prcd-PRA - clear ; CEA/CH - clear : BVA eye test GPRA -clear 

DE - Clear ; DM - Clear ; JADD - probable clear

DLA Haplotype: 00601 005011 02001        01502 00601 02301